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Ebury Square is a residential apartment block located in Belgravia, London.

The building has 71 luxury apartments and is comprised of two blocks with an underground service level & gym and 2 underground levels of car parking. FireMaster have installed an Advanced/Apollo system to all landlords areas with Apollo Orbis detectors within the apartments connected to the landlords loop via C-TEC Hush Panels.

The Hush panels will allow the apartment tennant to prevent the alarm activating the house alarm in the event of a false alrm within the apartment. Should the apartment alarm ring for more than 2 minutes without setting, the signal will then activate the house alarm.

There are CO detectors in every apartment that have a gas fire and this will activate the apartment sounders and the main panel buzzer. Due to the possibility that occupants could be overcome, this alarm can only be silenced from the house system, once the detector has returned to normal operating mode.