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Our main panel is the Honeywell Galaxy range. This is a highly programmable system that can cater for small buildings with the 46 zone panel or large buildings with up to 520 zones. Setting & un-setting of the system is easy using proximity tokens,

An alternative to the Galaxy system is a Euro System from Castle, part of the Pyronix Group. This system is easier to program than the Galaxy but is limited to a maximum of 280 zones.

The majority of intruder detectors that we use are manufactured by Pyronix. The standard detector for our grade 3 systems is the KX15DTAM which is a DualTech with anti-mask. For confirmation detection, we use the TMD15 which has Digital Dual Technology and Combined Non-overlapping, with Anti-Mask, PIR and Microwave Detection.

For door contacts, we use the CQR Grade 3 flush & surface range. Depending on the number of doors, we will use either the selectable resistor type or the terminal type where we install the required resistor.